About CRäKN

You are probably wondering why the name CRäKN? We admit, it's unusual. We do think it's fitting though. CRäKN was founded by Scott Mindrum, who spent 20 years in funeral service primarily as the Founder, CEO & President of MeM (Making Everlasting Memories). After successfully growing MeM and selling it, Scott took some time to invest in and work with startups in the Cincinnati area. Scott wasn't much for sitting on the sidelines, so he decided to jump back into entrepreneurial life. The problem he wanted to solve was one he had seen so many times: making it easier for funeral professionals to streamline and manage the many touch points and activities that they needed to do each time they worked with a family.

With his Norwegian ancestry as inspiration, Mindrum looked to Nordic origins for a memorable name for the company. The concept of a Kraken—or a Nordic sea monster— resonated with Mindrum. He had seen so many funeral directors who needed more "arms" to handle daily operations so that they could better serve families, and knew that the Kraken could help represent the solution they needed.

From there, an idea was born: a smart, efficiency sea monster that would give funeral directors more arms to handle operations. To capture Customer Relationships and Knowledge, the spelling was changed to CRäKN, keeping the Nordic umlaut over the "a".

CRäKN Mascot with Customer Relations and Knowledge Tagline

After two years of observing and listening to funeral professionals and developing the software, CRäKN is now available. CRäKN practices what is called "agile development." Agile reflects a way of working that enables CRäKN to continually listen and observe their customer needs, how individuals are using the software and strive to improve it on an ongoing basis. It's a practice that many great companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook and others have used to make software so easy to use that we all actually use it. We strive to do the same for you. For CRäKN, it's all about customer experience.

We'd love to show you what we've developed and let you help determine where we need to "get CRäKN" on our "to do" list. Click here to request a demo.