4 Marketing Mistakes that Funeral Homes Are Making (And How to Prevent Them)

Posted June 24, 2020

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No one predicted the amount of change our profession has already experienced this year. And, in all likelihood, the changes will continue through the rest of the year.

As you continue to adapt, here are 4 mistakes to avoid when it comes to marketing your funeral home right now.

Mistake #1: You have outdated text on your website.

It is not a shock to learn that recent research shows many businesses have experienced a sharp increase in website traffic. In fact, across a variety of industries, including funeral service, website visits are 20 percent above benchmarks from the beginning of the year1.

Be sure to re-examine the actual text on each page of your website to see if it needs to be updated so you can create a better first impression with families.

Here are 5 questions that will help you evaluate whether it’s time to update the text throughout your website:

  • Is the main message of our business still being communicated as desired?
  • Does this address how we’re dealing with COVID-19?
  • Do I use language that client families will fully understand?
  • Does this articulate my current, up-to-date offerings, including live streaming and digital grief resources?
  • Am I able to speak and connect with both prospective client families, and client families who are visiting the site solely to see obituaries?

Pretend you’re a prospective client family visiting your website. What would be their impression? What kind of information would they want to see before reaching out to you? If you’re missing any of these areas mentioned above, your site needs to be updated immediately so it’s relevant and shows all you have to offer prospective client families.

Mistake #2: You aren’t looking for new or creative community partnerships.

The past three months have proved to us just how much community relationships matter to every funeral home.

Even if you’ve been intentional about developing relationships in your community up until now, don’t get complacent. Continue to nurture those relationships.

Your business may have already pivoted a great deal, but don’t stop there. Be open-minded about future collaborations and partnerships in your community. You never know where marketing opportunities will be in the near future or distant future, so continue to invest in those strong community relationships.

Mistake #3: You aren’t recognizing how the family’s experience impacts your word-of-mouth marketing.

When it comes to marketing your funeral home, you can’t expect things to go back to the way they once were. You may feel uncomfortable in this uncharted territory, but we have to stretch and consider new ways we can improve a family’s experience.

Consider any and every interaction a family may have with your funeral home, including what they experience when:

  • …They call you
  • …They search for your services online (on Google, etc.)
  • …They attend a service at your funeral home
  • …They find you on social media
  • …They look up your reviews
  • …They meet with you to schedule a service

Mistake #4: You aren’t maximizing your Google My Business listing.

A Google My Business listing is a free listing that is available through Google for your funeral home. Since Google is the dominant search engine used today (with 86% market share as of April 2020), it’s important to do your best to show up when families search for your firm or search for your offerings, and this free tool is a great way to accomplish that2.

Not exactly sure what we’re talking about? If you’ve ever searched your funeral home’s name and seen a listing on the right-hand side of the search results page, that’s your Google My Business listing. Since that search engine result is in a prime location and allows you to easily connect with prospective client families, you want to be sure you are in complete ownership of the page and how it appears.

It’s also a worthwhile strategy to encourage Google reviews from your satisfied client families so you can appeal to other clients who may be searching for you or for your services. Those reviews will show up as a part of your Google My Business listing.

If you aren’t sure if you have a Google My Business page (or account), search for your own business online using Google, and see the search results. If a Google My Business listing has already been verified and you’re authorized to manage the listing, you can request ownership from the current listing owner.

Otherwise, if there is no business information at all throughout any Google property that shows, you can add or claim your business listing by following these instructions.

Here are 3 other small steps to take to leverage your profile to reach more families:

  • Ensure your address is added. Make sure it appears the right way on Google maps. Be sure to list the address the same way it appears on other digital properties, like on your website.
  • Add your hours of operation. Generally, you want to say 24/7 since you are available 24/7 and you don’t want them to think you are closed when you are not.
  • Add pleasing and compelling photos. Photos and visuals can help to tell your story much quicker than text. We all know the power of visuals, so be sure you add professional photos like your logo so prospective families have a positive, lasting impression when seeing your profile.

Once you’ve completed your profile, including the steps above, now you’re ready to start collecting reviews, which impact your search rankings and your overall reputation with families.

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