9 Tips to Use Now to Serve Families While Keeping Your Team Safe

Posted March 25, 2020

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You are facing one of the greatest challenges of your lifetime.

This moment in our history brings unprecedented uncertainty, financial insecurity and abrupt and radical changes to our social behaviors. It is uncharted and a unique time for the profession. With that in mind, here are 9 key strategies you can examine to manage your funeral home during this uncertainty.

Use Innovation to Keep Your Team Safe

  1. Stay informed by using your digital whiteboard. Your team can access and update from their home.

  2. Use CRäKN to schedule employees, tasks, services and events on integrated calendars without worrying about availability or overlap.

  3. Lead your team and manage the completion of their tasks and assignments through your personalized dashboard.

Safeguard & Use Social Distancing

  1. Access your pre-arrangements and historic cases without going to the file cabinet.

  2. E-sign a contract. Never go to the office to fax. Send and receive all important data and information directly from CRäKN.

  3. Collect and enter vitals for EDRS input. No need to interact with the public to complete your state-mandated tasks.

Keep Your Business Prosperous with Cloud-Based Tools

  1. Communicate and interact with families, clergy, churches, event centers, cemeteries and vendors with your built-in digital rolodex.

  2. Interact with your key suppliers, strategic partners and accounting to keep your business moving forward.

  3. Take payment, process credit cards, manage AR, send invoices and account statements remotely.

Limited Time Offer from CRäKN – Continue to Serve Your Families

Knowing how much uncertainty your funeral home is facing, we’re providing an offer to you for the duration of our national emergency so you can manage your funeral home remotely.

Our offer to funeral homes in the United States is to take advantage of CRäKN’s cloud-based tools and services, available at zero subscription cost during this national emergency. That means you can use our digital whiteboard, e-signatures, state and local form bank, automation—and many more features—giving your funeral home the ability to continue to serve families. This includes unlimited cases and a deeply discounted onboarding fee of just $295. It’s easy, simple, and intuitive to get started—so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

We’re here to get you signed up and onboarded quickly! Call 844-382-7256 to learn more.

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