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Posted March 19, 2020

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Hear the limited time offer from CEO/Founder, Scott Mindrum

Learn About Our Special Offer

Funeral service is facing one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime. Knowing how much uncertainty your funeral home is facing, we’re providing an offer to you for the duration of our national emergency.

CRäKN’s cloud-based tools and services are available to you at a zero subscription cost during this national emergency and with a deeply discounted onboarding fee of just $295.

This offer for funeral homes in North America includes:

  • Digital whiteboard
  • Task manager
  • Manage cases remotely
  • Safe and secure
  • Training and support
  • Dashboard
  • Automation of duplicate, manual and administrative tasks
  • State and local forms and reports
  • Unlimited cases
  • Unlimited employees
  • Mobile use (use with any device!)

Download a flyer version of this offer to share with your colleagues.

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