CRäKN is Helping Funeral Directors Do More With Less

Posted September 21, 2017

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The death rate is projected to double in the next twenty years. And, at the same time, families are wanting more and more memorable, unique celebration of life experiences for themselves, and for their loved ones.

The result? Funeral directors are increasingly being asked to be more innovative, family-focused, and to do more with less.

Solving this industry challenge is part of CRäKN’s vision.

Related to that vision, we’re proud to share the news that Queen City Angels has announced its recent investment in CRäKN.

Our cloud-based software is designed to make life simpler for funeral home operators and related suppliers. Specifically, CRäKN helps funeral professionals track and optimize the entire funeral process for families, helping to streamline operations through enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management.

So what does that mean for funeral directors? We’re helping to simplify your ability to manage, track and optimize what you do for families each day.

Queen City Angels (also called QCA) is a group of more than 50 investors. It’s a group that provides funding, support, guidance (and much more) to companies across the nation. Being located in Cincinnati, Ohio also means that many of these companies are in the Cincinnati area and surrounding region.

Scott Mindrum, President and CEO of CRäKN (who is also a QCA member) says that receiving this investment money is a major milestone and strategic decision for the future of CRäKN.

“Raising money in our own hometown was important to us,” explains Mindrum. “We have received tremendous support from multiple QCA members since inception of our company, from financial modeling and information technology to marketing,” he added.

Since 2000, QCA has invested approximately $50 million across about 80 portfolio companies. (The total capital invested in these companies, including QCA members’ capital, syndication partners’ capital, follow-on venture capital funds and venture debt is in excess of $410,000,000.)

What’s more is that CB Insight recently ranked QCA second out of 370 national angel organizations.

Mindrum adds that QCA has also helped CRäKN through connections and relationship-building in the local region, has helped with visibility on a national level, and has greatly supported the company with extensive sales and marketing support.

With the new investment CRäKN will be able to add new team members, explains Mindrum. The added depth to the team will help as the company scales and takes our solution to a broader market. “There has never been a better time to start a business in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area than right now. The resources are vast, and most are there for the taking,” he says. “We are tenants at HCDC, members of Cintrifuse and raised capital from QCA, so we speak from experience.”

QCA says they are thrilled to have CRäKN as one of their portfolio companies because of the potential in the death care industry, among other reasons. “There is nothing like CRäKN in our investment profile, and the management team is unique with its strong background and connections in the death care industry,” adds Terry Wright, a QCA member.

“Senior members of the CRäKN team have extensive backgrounds in providing cloud-based software solutions specifically to this vertical market. The combination of a strong technology, focused market, experienced team and early success gave us great confidence in the potential for CRäKN to quickly become a local success story,” he says.

Streamline Your Operations…And Better Serve Your Families

CRäKN is a tool that provides everything you need to centralize your information and manage day-to-day activities in order to streamline your operations, prevent errors, and save time at your funeral home. Focus on the family, let us focus on helping you. Request a demo today!

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