CRäKN’s Limited Time Offer: 3 Free Months Free of Our Chain of Custody Solution

Posted May 12, 2021

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CRäKN is offering 3 months of our Chain of Custody mobile app solution, TRäKN, free of charge for new CRäKN customers who have enrolled to use CRäKN’s funeral home management tools by June 30, 2021.

TRäKN Provides You With Instant Chain of Custody, Logistic & Status Information

Available for both Apple and Android devices, TRäKN delivers instant access to detailed decedent status and location information. Used in combination with our core CRäKN application, this allows you and your staff to serve families better and with more confidence.

Update: This offer has now ended.

“CRäKN is extremely user friendly. I love the fact that I see the face of the family I served in CRäKN. I love going into CRäKN and seeing the name, and then seeing the person’s face—so it quickly puts a name to a face. If I need to recall a specific detail, I can go into CRäKN and pull it up, and see that person and their face, too, each time.”George H., Funeral Director in Virginia

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