Get to Know the CRäKN Team: Meet Adrienne Weast

Posted November 13, 2019

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This week, we continue our “Get to know the CRäKN team” Q&A series with Business Systems Analyst Adrienne Weast. Keep reading to find out the mantra she lives and works by, and what tools she is using right now to simplify her life each day.

Q: What’s your background before joining the CRäKN team?

Before joining CRäKN, I worked as an Account Manager as well as a QA Analyst for another software company in the digital marketing industry. Most of my clients were marketing professionals in Music and Entertainment. As an avid music-lover, it was an exciting environment. As a QA Analyst, I found my love working with software applications alongside teams of fun problem-solvers.

Q: What’s a mantra you live and work by?

“Work smarter, not harder.”

My days can be quite hectic. I juggle life as a mother of two children, a Key Account Coordinator and software tester at CRäKN, a college student, as well as manage my own business. This requires some creative thinking to maximize all 24 hours in a day, as well as the use of many different “tools” to maintain my daily tasks. The solution to my success is discovering ways to automate or simplify tasks, which reduces the overall time it takes to complete.

Q: CRäKN is helping to make work more streamlined and simple for funeral directors. What are the tools you are using right now that help you simplify your work and/or life?

JIRA is one of my favorite tools that I use daily at CRäKN. It allows our production, quality assurance, and development teams to work collaboratively for overall product success and to keep our clients happy. Additionally, the tool is quite robust for nurturing new ideas, and staying up to date with communication.

At home, I am a to-do list fanatic. My current favorites are Trello and Out of Milk.

Q: What’s your best time-saving trick right now?

“Proper planning prevents poor performance.” —Stephen Keague.

This means that I plan, schedule, and sync reminders for my day ahead, my week ahead, my month ahead and so on. For example, on Fridays, before I leave my work at CRäKN, I prepare myself for the following week. That way I do not waste any time on unnecessary surprises.

Q: What’s something that might surprise CRäKN clients to learn about you?

I enjoy making many homemade items, but am notorious with my friends and family for my homemade soaps! I currently have my own soap making business called Chase and Chambers Soapery.

Everyone in my family has a job, the kids help sell soaps at craft shows and come up with new ideas to market them; right now they are painting rocks to hide around the city, with a QR code to the painted rock that will direct the “finder” to my website. We started out making our own soap to avoid buying soap that was working against keeping us healthy and clean.

Q: Last question: What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

At CRäKN, we have an incredible team of dedicated and creative people. My role is to ensure our products and tools are running smoothly, and testing out new features before they make it to your fingertips!

I can’t say too much right now, but our upcoming features will break the industry standard for productivity and efficiency tools for funeral service and funeral home management. I look forward to the “wow” moments when we introduce them to the world!

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