10 Unique Examples of How You Can Honor Loved Ones with CRäKN Print On-Demand (POD)

Posted November 10, 2021

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Simplified, on-demand printing is here: You can now print high quality, personalized and branded stationery and other keepsakes with CRäKN POD.

Using your preferred paper supplier, CRäKN POD helps you to continue to honor the deceased with personalized keepsakes you print, whenever and in any quantity you need.

Simplified & Intuitive Printing On-Demand

CRäKN POD gives you everything you need to be able to design and print materials that are both personalized and branded to your firm. Improve customer satisfaction with highly personal bookmarks, casket panels, candles, funeral petitions, folders, brochures, prayer cards, programs, register books, thank you cards and other stationery—and more.

There are infinite designs and many templates for you to choose from; you can use pre-formatted templates or create original designs from scratch if you prefer.

Personalization with CRäKN Print On-Demand

Take a look at the following 10 examples of various products created with CRäKN POD. These examples give you an idea of the endless designs you can create and print with our POD service:

1. A Heartfelt Way to Thank And Remember a Hero


2. Honoring a Veteran for Her Sacrifices and Contributions


3. Helping to Share the Story of a Beloved Mother & Wife


4. Honoring A Life Lived to the Fullest


5. Honoring the Life of a Husband Who Loved Baseball


6. Celebrating a Fisherman Who Loved the Outdoors


7. Remembering the Grandfather Who Loved Gardening


8. Honoring the Grandfather Who Was a Lifelong Biker


9. A Tribute to a Grandma Who Loved to Knit


10. An Uplifting Remembrance of a Lifelong Farmer


You can download a PDF version of these samples here.

On-Demand Printing Saves You Time & Money

With quick turnaround and the ability to print only when you need to, CRäKN POD allows you to maintain manageable inventory and efficient operations. Plus, the tool is intuitive and simple enough for anyone to use to create highly personalized stationery and other keepsakes for your families.

Learn more about how CRäKN POD can help you customize, design, and print—right from your location: reach out to us today.

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