Finally Home for Dinner: How CRäKN Unchains You From Your Funeral Home

Posted May 26, 2021

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For many Funeral Directors, getting home after dinner after a long workday is the norm.

For Becky, a Funeral Director in Michigan, this was no different.

Long workdays were partially due to how her firm managed cases by paper and with physical files. Depending on where a case was at, those physical files would move around the office. “We had different functions and checklists that were all paper-based. And probably two or three days after a service, I’d crunch that data, once again, into our computer system,” says Becky.

Similar to other firms, when information from the family was given to the Funeral Director, the information had to be processed again: getting the decedent’s funeral ready, more record keeping, stationery, and death certificates, and then finally, the information would need to run by management.

“So that information was processed, at least four times, if not more, from the paper files. If we were busy, that was that many more paper files I had to catch up on, on top of meeting with families and different tasks. And so, as anyone can imagine, there’s a lot of room for error in that process,” explains Becky.

Saving 3 Hours Per Day with CRäKN

Fortunately, all of that changed when Becky’s firm started using CRäKN. Becky describes CRäKN as a centralized toolbox for her team to manage all their cases and their daily operations and communication. “We were doing data entry multiple times, and now we do it just once. So take that duplicate data entry completely out of the equation, and put something in a nice digital format, and I’m home at dinner time now,” she says.

A New Level of Visibility

CRäKN cuts down on duplicate data entry and the possibility of errors, but it also gives a new level of visibility to each case, says Becky. “Anybody, at any point in time, can pull up that case, pull up a conversation that took place, and get all the right details in one spot now. We’re not searching for notes from someone’s desk that didn’t make the physical file. We’re not having to get specific people in to answer one question anymore. Anyone can answer a question by looking at the file within CRäKN, at any time,” says Becky.

“It’s really streamlined how we normally interact with the families and how we interact with each other. We’re making things a lot more efficient this way,” she explains.

Unchained From Your Desk

So many Funeral Directors today feel tied to their desk so that they don’t ever miss a detail or drop the ball for a family. Becky remembers that feeling.

For example, what if someone calls about an obit change after you’ve gone home for the day? Or what if a funeral service is running late and you need to communicate that to someone else so they can cover your upcoming afternoon appointment?

These are updates and methods of communication that can happen instantaneously, and from anywhere, with CRäKN. “I can be at a different location and say, ‘Okay, here’s my next task, and here’s my next assigned meeting’ or I can have peace of mind that a colleague can be there for an appointment if a service is running long. It’s so much more integrated and more connected. It’s very intuitive,” says Becky.

“Like my colleagues, I am a ‘people person’ and CRäKN gives us that freedom to spend more time with people. It’s eye-opening how much freedom we didn’t have before this. We were chained to one program, and it was only at the office and it was cumbersome and not mobile,” says Becky.

A Better Way of Keeping Your Funeral Home Connected

Becky says embracing CRäKN has improved productivity, efficiency, and her team’s day-to-day ability to connect with one another—and that’s across their different generations, too. “I don’t know if I can put into words how mind boggling it is, but it has been so fruitful and so good for everyone. Being able to instantaneously have that update and be able to connect with one another—and that’s been great, even for our younger generations, too,” she explains.

“We want to help bridge our next generation of funeral service here, and so this has been a great tool for them. They’ve been taking it and running with it.”

Are You a ‘People Person’? It’s Time for CRäKN!

“Everyone at CRäKN has been amazing to deal with. The customer service is phenomenal. You guys hit customer service out of the park. I really cannot complement that enough.”Becky C., Funeral Director in Michigan

CRäKN is your go-to tool for greater efficiency and productivity in your Funeral Home. CRäKN was designed knowing you want to spend less time on paperwork and data entry, and more time engaged in meaningful activities with your families and in your community.

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