Case Study: How This Funeral Home Transformed Its Communication, Collaboration & Coordination With CRäKN

Posted October 28, 2020

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A two-location funeral home in Texas serves 500 families per year. Coordinating every facet of the business and scheduling ongoing tasks was becoming a challenge for the funeral home.

They wondered, “Is there a better way we can communicate with each other? Should we try to find a more effective way to collaborate with families, staff, and trusted third parties? And finally, how do coordinate with everyone to be on the same page?”


The overall logistics and coordination of staff, services, fleet, repairs, improvements, events, and meetings was becoming an increasing challenge for this funeral home. Team members saw how it was costing the firm valuable time and effort.

Hand-written notes, pink telephone messages, paper task lists, and checklists were also becoming more of a burden than a helpful tool for managing contacts and ongoing details.

Sometimes, information that had been written down (or even phone messages) were getting lost or difficult to find when needed.


Manual, physical whiteboards were replaced by CRäKN’s modern, real-time, patented digital Whiteboard that could be updated from anywhere and on any device.

Using an Apple TV device, the CRäKN digital whiteboard would still be displayed as desired throughout the funeral home, but now every team member involved could access and update CRäKN on any mobile device, too. Having the ability to access and update the whiteboard through smart phones and tablets saves the team hours, and it means they can make updates no matter where they’re located.

Handwritten conference notes have been replaced by CRäKN, so the arrangement conference is completely paperless, thanks to how staff use CRäKN on their tablets. The admin staff is now able to receive necessary updates on services, in real-time, during the conference. They are also able to enter death certificate information into the state system immediately during the conference.

Paper checklists have been replaced by the superior Task List in CRäKN, an almost guarantee that nothing is forgotten and that every task—no matter if it changes—can be accounted for and remains visible. Plus, CRäKN’s web-based system is totally safe, private, and secure, which gives everyone peace of mind about all the information they’ve added.


All in all, CRäKN serves as much more than a case management tool or a record-keeping tool for this firm—improving the day-to-day work of every staff member. CRäKN benefits this customer mentions include:

  • Patented digital Whiteboard – accessible from anywhere and any device (truly mobile)
  • Single-entry system
  • Auto-generated forms
  • Simple onboarding
  • Task Manager for accountability
  • Real-time notifications which keep all staff up-to-date

Results with CRäKN

CRäKN’s efficiency and productivity tools have greatly improved communication, collaboration, and coordination at the funeral home, and prioritization and accountability are now “virtually guaranteed”. With a better, real-time way to manage Task Lists, now information can be easily added and deleted as a family’s wishes change. That means no need to redesign and reprint lists, either.

All staff (including part-time and even vendors like embalmers, hairdresser, and obit writer) are fully informed and on the same page throughout the funeral, for each case, thanks to having access to CRäKN’s Notification Engine on their phones.Instead of phone messages sometimes getting lost or misfiled, CRäKN’s Message Center replaced all other messaging options. In turn, this eliminated all handwritten messages, post-its, and e-mails regarding a phone message or other details.

Now every interaction with a family can be tracked to ensure accountability and follow-through–and that information is forever accessible within CRäKN (but owned by the funeral home), which will help for years to come.

Results also include:

  • 1,500+ hours saved per year since using CRäKN
  • $40,000 in saved costs thanks to CRäKN

Improve the Way Your Team Communicates, Collaborates & Coordinates with CRäKN

“One of the reasons that I am such a proponent of CRäKN is because it cuts [my time to do my work into] probably a third of the time. If you are in a busy funeral home, it is critical. It’s just the simplest thing you’ve ever done. I can do everything seamlessly and notify staff…anytime I want to, from any electronic device…” —Funeral Director Micah Dobbs

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