Is Your Busines As Efficient As It Ought to Be? Here’s How to Tell

Posted December 9, 2020

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It’s common this time of year to be planning for next year.

Part of that planning might also include a strategic analysis of your current way of working. You may have experienced a good deal of forced change in the last year, and it can be valuable to step back and rethink how you’re currently operating.

With that in mind, we interviewed Mark Anthony, Vice President of Sales at CemSites, a cloud cemetery software solution that provides complete, easy, and intuitive record management software for cemetery organizations. CemSites improves the workflow of every cemetery with tools to visualize data, plot and display graves, manage finances, sell products online, automate contracts, and much more.

If you’re considering modernizing your operations, now is a great time to consider making these changes. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most important questions you need to ask in order to assess your effectiveness as a business.

1. Is my data safe and secure?

“Your data is extremely critical, and it should be fully protected and preserved,” explained Mark. That’s why you should be checking to see just how safe and secure your data really is, whether it’s already being managed in a software platform, or whether you’re using hard copies of information in your business.

“Many death care professionals are surprised to learn how “low-tech” data management—that is, traditional, hard-copy file management—has many risks associated with it,” said Mark.

Hard copies can be stolen, damaged by fire and/or water, and water and/or fire damaged or even lost or misplaced, a fire can even put them at risk. Additionally, mismanagement or poor recordkeeping is a risk to your paper-based files.

“Every day that your data is exposed to human error, it is exposed to potential damage,” said Mark. “The best way to keep your data safe and secure is to use a true cloud solution.”

2. Is this tool customizable to my needs?

“If you’re looking at your current processes to see whether a new tool may improve how you work, be sure to see just how customizable that tool is for your business,” said Mark. “In other words, ask yourself if that tool can really solve your biggest pain points. Instead of implementing a solution where you have to fit into certain preset parameters, look for a solution that can mold to your needs. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility in terms of customization to fit your business’s needs.”

3. Is the software solution updated in real time?

Whether it’s the current tool you’re using or it’s a tool you’re potentially going to use in the future, be sure that your software is continually updated. We’re not talking about the time-intensive updates you might be thinking about—we’re talking about the regular updates that ensure improved performance and stability of the tool.

“For example, our software solution is updated in real time across any platform you’re using,” explained Mark. “This way it updates your staff and the community in real time about what’s happening in your cemetery. CemSites also features an activity log that updates in real time to show you when an update was made within the system. This activity log is timestamped to the minute and displays the username of the staff member who made the changes.”

4. What kind of ROI can I expect from this solution if we were to change our current processes?

When evaluating the current state of your processes, you will want to be able to see what kind of ROI can be expected for your business when a certain change is implemented. Any support tools or new software you’re considering should be able to tell you about that potential return on your investment.

“Your ROI involves much more than just money, it also includes the time saved and the enhanced experience for all users and clients,” added Mark, who encourages death care professionals to look at ROI when evaluating any sort of change to their current processes.

5. Do my current processes and tools support a modern way of working/a modern workflow?

One of the best ways to determine whether your processes need to be updated is to see if the way you’re working now supports modern work. For example, if someone needs to quickly pull up information for a client family who unexpectedly called, are they able to do so with just a few clicks?

Or, if they have a detail that needs to be updated while out of the office, are they able to make that update and share it with others in real time, no matter where they’re located? Or what happens if a third-generation family calls; are they able to easily pull up that family history in just a few clicks? That’s what we mean by a “modern” way of working.

“We can help cemeteries refine and modernize their current processes to unlock their potential. When you partner with CemSites, we want to invest time into your operation to see what is best for your organization. We can enhance your current experience so that you can spend your time more wisely,” explained Mark.

See Where You Can Better Serve Families

It’s always important to evaluate your current processes. Doing so can help you identify areas where you can increase efficiency to better serve families. Gaps or problems in your current processes can tell you where a software or tool can help your business.

“It’s important to answer these questions honestly because your ultimate goal is to enhance the experience of the families you’re serving while maintaining efficiency. You want to spend your time with these families helping them through a difficult transition. Don’t let your focus be skewed by outdated processes that can be completed automatically,” explained Mark.

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