Words to Live By: 3 Motivational Mantras that Drive Great Experiences for Your Families

Posted September 8, 2021

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Mark E. Fisher, President, M.E. Fisher Funeral Home is a highly driven, self-motivated Funeral Director that lives by the word “team.”

Ask him about his firm’s success as a pioneer in the funeral service profession, and he’s quick to give credit to his team.

Mark says his team is dedicated to meeting families where they are, and they are focused on facilitating families’ needs in every way possible. In Mark’s words, the success of the firm is due to dedicated collaborative approach: “It’s really about our entire team,” he explains. “It takes all of us to make this work.”

Located in Newport News, Virginia, M.E. Fisher Funeral Home is a highly regarded Funeral Home that creates memorable experiences and healing opportunities for families. With a rich heritage and tradition—but also a vision for the future—M.E. Fisher Funeral Home has established a brand of superior quality, genuine sincerity, and deep trust.

We spoke to Mark to learn more about his leadership, and in the process, we uncovered 3 motivational mantras that every Funeral Director can live by.

1. “Excellence is the standard—not the goal.”

“That’s in my soul–because if you’re going to do it and not do it to an excellent way, why even start the task?” says Mark.

Mark and his team reject anything less than excellence, and they make that known. The entire team at M.E. Fisher Funeral Home is proud to live by this business mantra and they uphold it for every family they serve.

2. “We provide comfort to those we serve.”

Mark is an advocate of investing and growing his team members as much as possible. For some, that comes with a bit of a mindset shift. “When I first hire anyone, I will ask them, what do we sell?”

The new hire may often respond with an answer about caskets or funerals—or something else more tangible. But that’s when Mark starts teaching them a shift in what they are providing in funeral service. “That’s not what we sell. We sell comfort. At the end of the service or celebration of life, if that family doesn’t feel comfort, why would they ever call us again?” explains Mark.

It’s an example of how Mark wants his staff to recognize they provide peace of mind and comfort to their families; it’s much more than a service or product, and he wants them to see that “big picture” and the emotions involved.

3. “Meet people where they are.”

As someone who has been in funeral service for 28 years, Mark knows there is great power in meeting people where they are, and in listening to them to better understand their needs and desires.

“People in our community know the kind of compassion that we give, and that we are not expecting anything from them—other than to tell us what they want. And we just listen and give them that. It’s that simple,” says Mark. “It’s really not that complicated.”

Mark says to never assume you know what a family may want, and to always start from a place of empathy and compassion. “Until you ask the proper questions, they may not know what theyeven want. So you have to ask them things to find out. What did mama like? How would you like to cater this service just for her? What did she not like? But the conversation must come from a place of wanting to learn,” adds Mark.

That’s exactly where personalization comes into play—something that M.E. Fisher Funeral Home is known for with its families.

Personalization is an important way to convey, share, and celebrate the story of a lost loved one. Highly personalized, one-of-a-kind elements can and should be incorporated as you honor a loved one. “No one wants a cookie cutter approach. Why not give a family a service that is customized to their loved one? And that’s something we’ve always believed in.”

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