Partners in Success: Building a Culture That Puts Customers First

Posted October 31, 2018

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Now that we’re clear that customer success isn’t just another buzzword, let’s take a closer look at how customer success creates value for customers, and what else a culture of customer success is built on.

How Customer Success Drives Value

Customer success is the approach, strategic direction, and day-to-day activities that put customers first.

Here are just a few ways, over the course of their lifetime as a customer, these strategies can come to life:

  • Customer success is company-wide and it influences customer outcomes and experience.
  • Customer success results in a long-term mindset—and long-term, trusting relationships—with customers.
  • Customer success drives a proactive approach to communication, problem-solving, and to customer satisfaction.
  • Customer success allows you to look at the big picture when creating and delivering value to customers.
  • Customer success enables you to use an empathetic approach to explore and drive solutions with the customers’ best interest in mind.

Customer Success Is Built On a Partnership

A customer success role, unlike the typical customer service role, is a person or team of people who are collectively invested in the success of a customer.

It’s a partnership: one that is mutually beneficial and intended to be long-term. For CRäKN, that means we make sure to understand all our customers’ unique challenges (or pain points). These could be operational pain points, people/staffing pain points, productivity pain points, just to name a few.

The key takeaway is we need to understand your business, as a whole. Every customer is going to have specific issues or problems unique and specific to their business, and this approach recognizes that.

Customer Success Is Built on Feedback

Not only is a true partnership part of what supports and drives customer success, but customer feedback is also critical in this equation. For our team, this customer feedback is what drives us and what directly guides our product roadmap for the future.

It’s not just great products that win and keep customers today. It’s about being able to continually re-focus on the customer, based on solutions that fit their needs. Having our customers help us to build a better product in that way is what we call “customer success.”

You Deserve a Customer Success Team to Help You Grow Your Business

Being customer-driven matters now more than ever. At CRäKN, we recognize that, which is why you have a dedicated customer success team that helps you every step of the way in your journey with us.

And, thanks to CRäKN’s productivity tools for your business, you’ll be able to stay on top of each and every detail associated with every arrangement. We don’t lock you into a contract, and we have no seat fees, no hosting fees, and no maintenance fees. We also want the entire staff to use CRäKN every day, so we won’t charge you for individual users. Learn more about CRäKN today.

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