10 Things to Know About the CRäKN® Chain of Custody Mobile App: TRäKN™

Posted February 3, 2021

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You asked for it, and we delivered: our Chain of Custody solution - an integrated mobile app called TRäKN.

Available for both Apple and Android devices, TRäKN delivers instant access to detailed decedent status and location information. Used in combination with our core CRäKN application, this allows Funeral Directors and staff to serve families better and with more confidence. The TRäKN app also offers protection to families and Funeral Homes for tracking personal effects.

Here are 10 quick things to know about CRäKN’s Chain of Custody app, TRäKN:

1. It’s simple to use, no matter how comfortable you are with technology.

The TRäKN app was designed to be simple and intuitive enough for anyone to use. Funeral Home personnel can scan a CRäKN Chain of Custody QR code to view any case and add location updates with ease—by design.

2. It equips you to be more responsive than ever.

Maybe you need to know specific logistics, such as if the deceased has been taken from the church to the cemetery. Or maybe you need to know whether or not a cremation has occurred. Such details about the status or location of a client are instantly known with TRäKN.

3. It helps you track the details that matter most.

Want to see recent activity for a client? Or maybe you want to track and notate personal effects with the deceased. It’s always easy to see specific location history of the deceased from removal to final disposition with TRäKN.

4. It ensures costly mistakes don’t happen.

TRäKN’s ability to monitor, track, and identify specific cases and related valuables ensure nothing is ever misplaced.

5. It allows you to be more mobile.

On the go? No problem. The QR Code and auditing functionality can be used no matter the smartphone/tablet you prefer, and no matter where you’re located. Plus, you can type or dictate key notes to capture important details on the fly.

6. It answers your most urgent questions.

Need to track decedents from removal to final disposition—every step of the way, especially so you can share that information with others? Or perhaps you just need to know the staff member who was last with the deceased. These are the kind of critical questions answered by TRäKN.

7. Continue to do your best to keep staff safe and healthy.

In TRäKN, you can mark COVID-19 positive cases so you and your team can know that information at a glance and take the appropriate safety precautions.

8. It’s flexible.

Maybe you want real-time access to information that comes with TRäKN, but you still require a manual entry process from time to time. That’s no problem, because manual entry is available in TRäKN for those who prefer or need to manage the process that way.

9. It can help crematories with scheduling and other logistics.

TRäKN provides enhanced scheduling and logistics information for crematories. With the enhanced information, personnel remain informed exactly where the deceased is in the process at all times.

10. Offers customization options based on your unique operation.

With features that can help every Funeral Home get the most out of it based on their process, TRäKN also has customizable places to scan to and from based on your individual Funeral Home layout.

Learn More About CRäKN

TRäKN is our latest innovation and provides instant chain of custody, logistic and status information your operation needs. Additionally, TRäKN also includes the ability to track case specific personal effects. Saving significant time with all CRäKN features allows you and your staff the opportunity to focus on improving other ways you serve client families.

To find out more about how CRäKN can help improve critical communication, collaboration, and coordination pain points, request a demo today!

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