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  • The patented interactive, Digital Whiteboard that gives you maximum information at a glance. Update from anywhere — and see how it flags details that are still pending
  • The Single Entry System: enter case information once, and it’s auto-populated across ALL forms you need, helping to reduce costly errors
  • The synced, digital Task List that can guarantee no task is ever forgotten about, no matter what details are changed and by who
  • The Notification Engine that provides real-time notifications for events and assigned cases (viewable from any device)
  • The ease of use: no matter your generation, CRäKN is easy to learn and use

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Here's What Our Customers are Saying

"One of the reasons that I am such a proponent of CRäKN is because it cuts [my time to do my work into] probably a third of the time. If you are in a busy funeral home, it is critical. It’s just the simplest thing you’ve ever done. I can do everything seamlessly and notify staff…anytime I want to, from any electronic device…" —Funeral Director Micah Dobbs